With a 24X7 work in research and development Unit, experts at Secugenius have worked on some of the most complex technical issues for the betterment of the world. 

We have our own Research and Development Unit and our tech team is working for Innovation in technology.

Presently we are working on the development of a new decentralized platform referred to as “Quick X Platform” (Patent Pending) that is intended to provide effective solutions to some of the critical problems with blockchain technology such as time, cost, scalability, and cross chain transfer of blockchain assets while making crypto assets suitable for the mass adoption in day-to-day transactions.


Proposed Solution

Quick X Protocol

Quick X solves the above problems by building a decentralized platform that provides a solution to time, cost, and scalability by doing the transactions off the chain for same blockchain assets and having pooling Facilitators who are providing liquidity for cross chain transfer of Crypto Assets.  

Quick X aims to change the status of cryptocurrency from a share-like object to real spendable fiat currency that would be appealing to the masses. It provides an instant payment option for the users while opening up new untouched segments of business for the pooling facilitators.